Reviews for "Youda Conqueror"

It's ok.

Fun, but not really worth my time. It's just been done too many times.

Good job!

I am rating this game for what it is. A bubble game. I am not comparing it to other genres, nor am I going to say "Its a great game! but because the idea has been done to death, all your hard work deserves to go unrecognized!"

However, that last statement is partially correct, in the sense that this idea is rather old.
I feel that, if this is truly your original work, that you did an amazing job. I am doubtful because it is just so well done. It is the type of game I would expect to come from an actual company (unless...you are a company lol).
Graphics good, gameplay flawless, sound is good; if you like bubble games (and I do, when I want a simple fun puzzle) then this is definitely a great game. I am giving you 8 out of 10. Minus 1 point for the sheer fact that this genre is old now, and 1 for the fact that it was merely a redone version of the classic bubbles - nothing extremely new done.

In the end, you did a great job! Make an original premise game, and you'll dominate with those skills!


i thought this would be better, and if theres more than the bubble shooter then im sorry if not then i just dont like the game.

not so good, dude

As alot of others already said, noone likes these games nowadays. Also, the title says "YOUDA CONQUEROR" not "YOUDA GATHERER". I was expecting a large army to command, to kill some other bastards. so yeah.


sry man, if you wanted to make an innovative game you failed. This has been done to death by hundreds of people, always with the intention to earn money... better luck next time.