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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

kick ass!

that was the funnest flash game ive played...other than alien hominid(sorry,gotta give creds to other people too) and...wtf is with the teddy thing ive seen 10 flash reviews with that =/


this was a pretty good game but tom should delete people who do that gay-ass teddy thing

so so i guess

ummm.... im sure you have gotten plenty of feedback on this bit, but the lasers and "harmful" obsticles really are not harmful at all. I think the general idea and gameplay was good other than that you could trip like 30 alarms without having to start over. that was kind of what ruined it for me I think. the lasers and guards need to do more damage to your health, or you could just have like 3-5 lives, and every time a guard sees you, life is used. hope you find this helpful ^_^


I don't know why, but this isn't fun at all for me. Annoying music and sounds, weird movement... And it's not really engaging! If you run into a guard, NOTHING HAPPENS. Your life drains away. Great. I still have a ton of it left, so I can basically just run back and forth until I get bored, which happened just as I reached the first checkpoint. So yeah, fun for thirty seconds.

I liked it

I only played about half of the game though. Once I got the artifact, I had already realized that sometimes when you jump through a laser and hold space the lasers don't hurt you. After that on the Egypt part I accidently walked left instead of right, fell off the edge for three or so floors. in my attempt to get back i jumped a few times left and right and it played the ending movie.