Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


The game was pretty fun but the gameplay was pretty repetitive and the music was sort of annoying after awhile. Still the it was overall a good game.

Pretty good.

But I thought it was way too easy. And repetitive after playing the whole game. I mean, I thought that if I get caught, I would have to start all over again. But then I get like 15 chances then it's the end of my life and I go back to the checkpoint. It was a really nice game besides the music and difficulty. You'll want to add a difficulty adjuster next time and a mute button (unless I missed it).



ok but...

it gets really repetive and you should lose health much faster and why are the super flash bros only mkaing games now what happend to decline of video gaming i miss those series i and i think a lot of other people do to

Not Impressed...

Sorry to say, but there wasn't too much to like about the game. It was really short, getting any picky movements out of the character was pretty hard as he slid around way too much and the jumped so high and for so long meant I was falling blind into whatever awaited below, which was a pain in the second level with the spikes and the pit.

On the up side, the graphics were good and music was a good fit, and the fact that you had lots of health and the checkpoints meant that falling into an obstactle wasn't the end for you. However, a longer game with tighter controls and maybe a way to see more of the map at once (like holding the down arrow to see what's below) would be better.