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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


A good attempt, but needs some work here and there. I found the crushing pillar traps a bit out of place realistically, and matching those with the laser walls - without giving some method to duck - just makes it impossible to get through unscathed. The music got HIGHLY repetative after about the fifth floor. Maybe up the tempo as you increase floors or take damage, or change the tune entirely every few floors? *shrug* It was okay, simplistic, but still fairly engaging. Pretty good try here. Keep practicing.


i think i hit everything at least once and i still didn't die..i like the game though..nice controls and graphics and gameplay..simple

fix the easy factor and it a 10 outta 10..


This was a interesting game but I found it to be to easy. I could run past guards, and through traps and ever have to worry because it doesn't take off enough health.


nice, liked the graphics


I normally like content submitted by SFB, but this doesn't live up to their rep. Certainly the graphics do, that part was excellent. But this is a game, and i found that part lacking. i think it was primarily the slow acceleration from null movement to full, so dodging stuff isnt easy. Increase the coefficient of friction and this game would get all my ten, but until the mechanics are fixed to my liking i give you a mediocre score :) I mean COME ON is he wearing teflon shoes?
5/5 graphics
2/5 gameplay
thanks ~