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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Another Armor Masterpiece

Armor games makes great games

Oww, man!

But I miss some checkpoints. Anyway, this game is probably best flash I've saw today. :) Keep it up, dude, whit this U may get Newgrounds.com itself :]


This is a very good game although it gets boring after awhile and it might just be my slow computer but the guy takes damage if he is somewhat near a camera and not in it's vision


Another SFB wonder!
Nice music, a charismatic character (who kinda looks like the son of the monopoly guy with Pringles) but a sort of lacking system. Perhaps you should add the ability to crouch or slide when you are running.
Keep on flashing, peepoids!


it was kinda average, graphics where excellent but somehow i didnt like it. it isnt that intresting to play to my oppinion and the gravity looks all messed but. but ofcourse people would disagree. but i would call it a average flash..