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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Good concept

I really like this game. The idea to steal something from the British Museum is a good idea. Plus it's been brillantly done as well. What i really like abotu the game is the sudden changes. What I mean is first off you got night at the museum with the guards, security cameras and lasers and very mellow music that fits the level well, and then theres the Egypt level with the crocs and spikes and it's like being hit in the face with a wet fish as the change is so sudden it's sort of refreshing. The sound effects are crisp and clear as well. Only down side. It was a bit short but other then that it's great and I love how the guards at the end. Will we see more of this in the futrue and also, whats the main character name?

Great job

Great game.

It's good

This was a relatively good game decent graphics ncie gameplay it would be very enjoyable for kids aged about 6-10 but there was a glitch in the museum when i ran into the wall next to the second floor sign I was teleported to the top floor i dont know if thats just a secret or a glitch but i found it so just in case you know?

Some fun, yet lame

Here's a players guide for this game:

Just run through everything, don't worry about your health getting low because you will reach a checkpoint way before you'll have to start over. After you have reached the checkpoint, die! Then start running from the checkpoint (you'll get full health again) and you will complete this 'game' very easily...

would have...

been alright if maybe getting caught had more penalty more damage cause i just ran threw and it didnt really matter...its not horrible just whatever bland