Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

not to shabby

its not that bad. but it could be better

You nearly got me there

The game is ok, but I really think that this kid needs an aim in his life. Also, you did a very bad thing, you ignored the character's sprite. If there's one thing ou must keep in mind, it is the character, he must have a kick-ass sprite, nice movements, dashing abilities, become less overpowered because of momentum, and have better accalleration, nearly as if he started at full speed, just increase a little after 2 foot hits.

It also lacks interactivity. layers only need to jump, wait and move. Adding some attacks, maybe ability to topple boxes over the guards, and somehow disable cameras, to achieve a high score would help a lot.


I agree with REDSPADES... the game was too simple and the idea wore off after a few floors... there wasnt anything new and the music was annoying. But i think the idea could make a good game... a mini version of SLY for PS2

Not bad

Nice storyline. I never thought of such a story before. It was good, except for the jumping and the gaurds who did not give chase.

it was ok

since it was the super flash bros i expected alot better, i did like the physics element you put in here, however the game became very tiresome and monotonous after the first few levels, i dont really know what all the hype is with my fellow reviewers, maybe its just my age bracket but the simplicity of this game was what drove me off.