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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Well Animated

The animations were nice and clean. The character moved smoothly and the opening scene was nice. The problem is that its not that fun due to lack of good gameplay (as well as logic). Basically all you do is run around trying not to get caught, but if you DO get caught all that happens is your health bar getting a bit lower.

While the health bar was a unique concept, it wasn't the right thing for this sort of game. If you want to keep the health bar you could have the guards fight you (simple punches and whatever) and the lasers hurt you, if you're caught by a camera = game over. Or if you're caught at all = game over. Also try adding a cutscene when the game is over, like you being thrown into jail or something. ^_^ Also try using less repetitive music it loops too soon.

Well cheers,


Such a boring game couldnt you make a better game??????????????

its cool

the platformer style gaming and the animation is good, if not short.

your weaknesses are (just to let you know) : flashlight light, lasers, guards, crocs n' gaters, drips of water (not bodies of water apparently), and spikes. gaps strangely only seem to warp you back to the checkpoint with a very small loss of health if any but it is still annoying to fall down.


Was a fun game to play, but slightly frustrating whenever you missed a jump and fell back to the previous floor. Reminded me very much of 90's platformers that I used to play so it had the nostalgic twangs for me that redeemed it. Also, what is with the guy's moustache? When I saw the opening cutscene all I could think about was that Mr Monopoly had turned cat burglar!


it looks like those disney games especially when you walk/run doofy lol its a cool game