Reviews for "The Relic Rush"

Rush Rush Get The Yayo!

Love the concept, basic controls which grips the player! Although the game can get a bit too repetitive, it has something about it which just gets you playing for ages! Nice work, keep em' coming!


Yeah I thought the game was kind of hard, lol I think you should slowly recover your danger status if you stand still or something like that..but that's just a suggestion lol great graphics overall not bad of a game

Not great, not bad.

The checkpoints were a nice touch, and I liked the way it was animated, but the game overall was short, simple, and a had a glitch - one part inside the museum where the floor was intangible near the edge (sorry, can't remember which floor). Seems like a good start to a more intricate platformer, but on its own, not one of your best.

Hahahah, nice.

And to Tiger-the-Great, I KNEW there was a glitch there!

very nice!

I can see that a lot of effort was put into this, 5/10!