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Reviews for "The Relic Rush"


omg there was a glitchnt he 3rd floor then the screen messed up and then i was on the 8 f;oor

ohhhhhh snap

hahaha i had NO IDEA one of my songs was in a flash game. u have no idea how happy that makes me as a composer lol. especially since u guys are my heros since decline 1. lol thnx for including my loop in their. fun game too!

great game!

its a great game, apart from it being short.

what the hell!

every time i tried to play, the guy wouldn't stop jumping. every time he touches theground he just jumps right back up and he wont stop. is it supposed to do that? i voted 5 before i started playing cuz everything you guys make is great. But i just cant play it because of that bug. PLEASE FIX IT!

It was ok

I am not much of a stealth game person but i liked it.