Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Great game but...

Amazing Game! I loved it. One of the best on newgrounds. You definently succeeded in giving the player no advantage other than skill. The problem is that you also gave them a disadvantage. When I looked at the number of people i had to fight it was completely unfair. It was 35 fighters, 3 destroyers, and 1 testudon against my 15 fighters, 1 destroyer and 2 testudons. Yes testudons are strong but 2 testudons do not equal 2 destroyers and 20 fighters. One suggestion I have is to let people create their own fleet. Make each ship worth a number of points and give the player as many points to spend as the enemy has in its fleet. Giving the player an equal amount of points would definently make the game fairer. Maybe make an easy mode where the player gets more points, a medium mode where the player get equal points, and a hard mode where the player gets less points to spend on his army. Also let people retry the level. That way you don't have to redo all the earlier levels. Great game all in all though. Keep up the good work, and if you have time make a sequel.

Only Daily 3rd???

I think that it's ridiculous that this game only got the Daily 3rd Award. This is quite possibly the most fun I've ever had playing a flash game. The game is pretty hard but I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to see a sequel in the future.

really way to hard

i encounterd most of the time that i got way outnumberd and even if there are 3 teams active they all attack you first so maybe the suggestion to make the gama a bit easier or a easy mode or make it more fair in the number of enemy's would be a great inprovement
but still it's a great game
it would be better if it would be a little easier

too hard...

I couldnt get past level 4, maybe make an easy mode or something. Is it possible to spawn into the big circle ships? Also, you should be able to start as a destroyer. I read what you said about pushing the end button or something, had no idea what you were talking about. Great game though, I liked it.

AndrewMartin responds:

The End key on your keyboard, below the Home key & next to the Delete key...

Possibly not if you're on a mac? I have no idea whether there's an End key on macs =|


I loved the graphics, i turned off the audio so i wouldnt distract me but im sure its as fantastic as the game itself.

Its classy, like a remake of a classic game, it just gives me a feel of nostalgia.

A few things i didnt like :

Seeing how all fighters are balanced, as all the other types of ships are, i didnt like how i were outnumbered a few times. Had to retry a number of times before passing the level.

Even when we had 30+ fighters, the enemies had 3 destroyers and 2/4 of my fighter squad, didnt seem very fair!

-Maybe make ships/fighters more manuverable and be able to either you your mouse to move about or wasd.

I must say this is a game i wouldnt mind playing over and over again just to beat it. Heh, hope youll make a storyline with it.