Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


I like how you've got to be better than the computer to prosper. You are on an even keel as far as raw power goes, and that's really cool.
I only wish that the screen was bigger, because I tend to pass ships as soon as my eyes register that they're on the screen, but I can learn to use the radar to overcome that.


OK after 1 hours 30 minutes I think I should actually stop and review this sweet game. I loved it, it was perfect! It would make an awesome online multiplayer game (if you could control the extreme lag). In fact, "Quadrape" is my word of the day.

Wonderful job, this is definatly goin on my faves (#1, just because it's so addicting)!

Very nice game

i loved the all out warfare, its a very rare style, the only other game i've played liek this would be Critical Mass, but that was turn by turn. the instructions were hilarious. nicely done. the graphics were smooth too.
Suggestions: make a few more ships, maybe a capital ship, frigate, crap like that, and some money after each level to maybe buy a few upgrades to add a more RPG element to the game (upgrades as in up your ships speed/damage/hp and have it carry over to any ship u take over)


This game was AW3S0M3!
If you decide to make a sequel, you should add more ships and actually be able to choose what ship to fly in the beginning!! I love watching a horde of small fightters take down a destroyer!!


very addictive.
-The Orange

Good, could be better.

First off, here's the battle I'm presented with, in the third mission:
My Forces: 18 fighters, 4 destroyers, 0 testudons,
2 Enemy Forces: 35 fighters, five destroyers, 1 testudon.

I see no way I'm going to win this mission.

Like the guy before me, I think the two biggest improvements possible for this game would be a continue from last level options, and a way to direct my own forces. Even though the battle I'm going into has two enemy forces, I can't tell my guys to hang back and let them duke it out. They're just going to rush in and those destroyers are going to massacre my fighters; nothing I can do to stop them.

Anyway, I think you get the idea of what the game could use to be better.
It's great besides that, by the way.