Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

this just shows nothing is perfect

its all great one of the best games i have ever played but you know all it needs is either online play or some sort of multiplayerbut i love it i mean lov it it is the shiiit great stuff keep it up

Zap zap zap zap zap

Hey, bravo. This is a really flawless piece of work. You feel a little insignificant when flying amid a swarm of identical fighters like a school of fish, but the controls and graphics are spot on and the space-opera epicness is incredibly fun.

Really fun

Awesome game, the only compaint is the difficulty level. It gets pretty rough. REally fun though.

Amazing game

yea just liek the guy before me said this would be even better if it was multiplayer, this game is very good you have outdone yourself Nice Job ^_^

o em gee

nothing more to be said