Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


this game is 1 of the best on NG... Reson??

good stuff: well meade grafiks, good game mode and everything.

bad stuff: hmm. theres no second game;)

that was fuckin awesome!!!!

that was so cool! i playes it all day you should think about making it multiplayer!!!!!

it really gets bugged on firefox

2 bad i liked the concept

Great Job, just one problem...

I loved it, everything was great with it! But i find it quite annoying when i lose a battle and then i have 2 start the game from the beginning! Please make a save option or checkpoint on your next game. But otherwise, great work!

Great but...

I love it, it's a great idea. My only problem is my allies are idiots, there should be some way to direct them as a group. Without it the later levels are just luck.