Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

A few tips

I was having alot of trouble taking down the destroyers myself, however I found that I could 1-on-1 them by sticking far away and keeping them in the corner of the screen where the missles can't hit me. Another tactic can be repeated flybys, but that's riskier.

This is an amazing game, it's simple, addictive, and fun. The only thing I might suggest is that you maybe stretch the first five levels into about ten, with just fighters until 3, then putting in destroyers, putting in more forces at six, and finally including the space station at ten. Other than that, I can't find a thing wrong with the game.


Ok this game was amazing I loved it, and I'm sure if you made another one if it had a store type of thing that would be cool. With the store you could make it so you can buy and sell your own ships, and basically just command your own fleet. But for those who wouldn't want the store they can just get the pre-made team for that level. Also being able to command your own team would be great, although the computer AI now is just amazing they took out everything tactically, and actually fought realistically. I'm very impressed, and you are also one of the few people who has made a game that I've voted, and commented on. Congrats on such an amazing game!

Wonderful game

I must say youve got a wodnerful game here..it combines the awesomeness of massive space armies colliding with the fact that the player is only better by the computer in his skill. It offers a good challange. Though i msut disagree with some people saying an online mode would be good..the last thing i want is to play this game with people that hack :\. But anyways even thoguh i cant get past lvl 8 i think its one of the best games on NG


Cool game, its like a dumb downed version of battlefront. Anyway, i just wish that the ship u played in was somehow superior to the other ships, that way u dont die so easy when ur being chased by 10 fighters. Do u think you can make an online?


awsome game but a few small things could make this game soooo much better like save function and gold or possible one were ships that survived the last round stay on and help in the next round