Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


i love it, only thing that could make it better are:

choice at open of battle to be destroyer or fighter
perhaps a massive multiplayer online version *holy sh*t*

AndrewMartin responds:

Haha, that would be so awesome. And yeah, i see your point with the fighter/destroyer thing. Could be a minor update sometime actually, probably wouldn't be that hard to do...


Why isn't this on the frontpage?! This is like the best game this year! It's got lasers, it's got good music, and damnit, it's an all-out epic battle to the death!! In SPACE!!! I mean, Star Island has been on the frontpage for like 2 weeks, and it's not even that great! >.> Well anyways, hope you make an Azul Baronis II. It would be sooooo awesome if you made it online multiplayer! Well anyways, good luck on the sequel!

A little unbalanced and hard

Extremely fun, innovative, but too hard and, in after the first stage the odds are heavily stacked against you.

Excellent start but...

1 There needs to be a way for the player to direct their fleet so they don't all just split up and get massacred.
2 Restart from the beginning of the level would be nice.
3 That was an awesome game. I know my comments are pretty direct but I only make suggestions on games that are already great to try and make them perfect. I seriously just sat down and played this for 3 hours instead of doing my humanities paper. Keep up the good work

Great idea, poorly executed

I mean, it IS a great game, but it needs control over your little army. I mean, cover me, attack that, scatter, regroup... That would all come in handy. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice yourself to be a destroyer.

Follow your an ally ship... This will make a huge ass group that can destroy a testodon in a second. Its really hard to accomplish though, because they all target something else.