Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Amazing! 5/5!!

Wow! I was thoroughly impressed with what you've done with the whole starfighter genre...

Firstly, the whole concept of this game is totally innovative. I loved the feel of fighting along side equally important AI players, and knowing that I actually had to put forth some effort in order to accomplish anything. Most games make you have a major advantage over the enemies, whereas this one made you feel as if you were just another ship.

The menu was polished, the in-game graphics were stylish, the gameplay was fast and reasonably difficult, and the plot was oh-so clever.

You guys MUST make a sequel, and include some power-ups, upgrades, and possibly multiplayer (seriously, though, wouldn't this be the perfect MP game??).
P.S. Making the ships more maneuverable and the shots more rapid would certainly improve the game...


as a lone ship, you can't do shit really, yea you can take out a few fighters but oh wait! here comes a tetsudon, and oh wait! you're fucked! because all of your OTHER ships rushed to their destruction rather then wait back and have the other two teams duke it out. My suggestion? make the ability to give commands to your ship, such as "follow possesed ship" or "fall back" or "fuck shit up".

and on the topic of multiple enemy levels, hell, half the time the only reason you win those is luck, if two, or perhaps even just one team, decides to send most of their forces after you, you're screwed, not a thing you can do. maybe give a handicap to your team, and give more ships, because otherwise, you can't really DO much, other then bend over and take it like a man.


I had minor issues, for example if the game lagged, I couldn't shot at all.
It would be cool if you could buy upgrades.
Selecting difficulty would be a great improvement too. For example:

Easy- You have more allied than enemy ships. Dumb AI.

Normal- You have as much ships than enemy's. Smart AI.

Hard- You have half the ships than the combined enemy forces. Smart AI.

Otherwise, it was great and I hope to see sequel!!!

its ok in a so what kinda way

its a good game but it wud be better if u gave the teams diffrenses like diffrent ship mybe diffrent coulers lasers and names and make them move diffrent(speeds monovrebilty) i keep using the same teknik and it worked efry time if felt just... repettiv but othe then that gg u got 4 of my 5 ^^


Original. I liked how this game really gave you the feeling you were fighting a large battle and I also like how you fight with a whole crew.

There's an "however" though. You made this game in a "Battlefield" can of scenario. That means you gave every single plain equal power, agility, cunning etc. This is very minimal. We had shoot, turn left, turn right, slow down and speed up. That's all we got.

If you try putting it in a "Halo" kind of concept, it'd be more spectacular to play, this means making the player a "hero" in between the regular guys. You could give the plane of the player all sorts of tricks, like backflips, speed ups, loops and screwturns to aviod bullets (I don't know if these are the correct therms, but you get my point =P).

You get a 4/5 for oringality. I enjoyed playing it, but it really needs more dimension. If I'd run into a game very similar and therefore not original, I'd give it a 3/5 or 2/5. Keep working on this game though!