Reviews for "Azul Baronis"


Alright. There is definately TONS of fun factor in this game.. the music suits it very well also!
It is also an awesome feeling when u bring down that HUGE mega butt ship with your little fighters z00ming all around u... damn... sooo sweet!

The controls to take time to get used to, but i think the difficulty and hardship is made up by the amount of fun you can have with this game. :)

It was a really good game and fun too

Just one question... Why the hell don't you have a continue option man!?!? It was good though

I don't get why people love this game

Not insulting you or anything, but this game is waaay too hard and the scores on the highscores list are IMPOSSIBLE! unless you've been playing the game for five hours straight! I didn't even get up to 100k pts in half an hour of hard play, but the list of full of people with millions of pts. The steering of the game is very difficult and once another fighter gets behind you you have to slow down and take damage to get behind him. If you're being followed by more than one ship then you're gonna die no matter what. Theres no way to get behind the ships once they're behind you, you're just not fast enough. You get a three, but its still a game with a lot of potential. Please remake and make the controls easier.

Great game

This is a game thats one step down from being amazing. All it needs is some more intense graphics (i know some good animators if your interested) and if it was multiplayer I would pay good money to play it

A.I. needs better grouping programming

I enjoyed the game and will continue to play. It is really damn hard at times though. There has been an instance where I've played the first level and had my ass-kicked all because of a lack of teamwork. The A.I. is good and all, but it seems to me that the team given to the player happens to break up into individuals more often than the opposing teams. This is especially the case in the very start of each Battle. When you oppose more than one group most of the time half of your members go fight one and the other half fight the other and you end up losing, not because of lack of skill but of tactical advantage. Your A.I. are good but could definitly improve, if you want people keep playing.