Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Excellent start but...

1 There needs to be a way for the player to direct their fleet so they don't all just split up and get massacred.
2 Restart from the beginning of the level would be nice.
3 That was an awesome game. I know my comments are pretty direct but I only make suggestions on games that are already great to try and make them perfect. I seriously just sat down and played this for 3 hours instead of doing my humanities paper. Keep up the good work


Graphics: Good, don't lag the game, but could be better.

Style: Nothing new but still impressive. Like other people said, add features and make it online. Maybe a quick battle feature where you choose the map, number of units, etc.

Sound: Nothing bad about it.

Violence: dieing in a fiery death!

Interactivity: Durr its a game.

Humor: OMFG HALO! i actually said that when i first saw it lol.

A little unbalanced and hard

Extremely fun, innovative, but too hard and, in after the first stage the odds are heavily stacked against you.

coooooooooooool game man

This is one hell of a game you made man, probly the best ive seen. Do you think you could make it live though? that would make the game so much better! have things in it like every battle you money to buy better ships and and have a sertian ranks in the game, battles over planets and in the atmosphere where aa guns can soot you down and plaers can bombo them! space stations battles. and all sorts of things. i know it sounds like alot of work but you can do it man! i know i would. if you do that this game will become a massive online game where every one will come to play it! have 5 different types of fighter like bombers scouts intersepters and defenders and any thing else you can throw in there make sure to make differen classes for bigger ships to. but still this game is great!!!!!! and if amy one else gudges differenly well..... THERE WRONG!!!!! >:)


awsome game great graphics and game play along with a great challenge.