Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

Fantastic game!

I loved it but I thought it was a bit unfair we couldnt take control of some of the bigger shapes, I really hope you make a sequel for this but in your sequel it would be great if upgrades or something along those lines were added.

i cant stop !

I can't stop playing tihs amazing shooting game. Even with no powerups, the game is great. That's because it is very real. It rocks.

One of my favorite games on Newgrounds.

This game has kept me coming back to Newgrounds and playing it. The music selection is perfect, and I love the concept of being able to take over one of your allies...

Awesome game!

But just 1 minus: There are times where i get to lvl 17, but most of the time i die @ lvl 3... I think u should always have a fair chance of winning.

I had 1 destroyer, 1 testudon, and 8 fighters.

2 other teams. Together: 9 destroyers, 2 testudons and 75 fighters.

hmmm... I hav no idea whos gonna be destroyed... -.-''

So yh, thats actually my point. But, other than that, this is one hell of a game i will not stop playing very soon!

great concept

i love the gameplay, the types of ships, and graphics. i hate how when you die you have to start over, there should be a feature that lets you choose to continue to play without scores or submit your score.

another thing is the outcome of battles is mostly luck based on if you have more and better ships than the enemy, you should have similar attack power as your enemy especialy in the lower levels, sometimes i fly to level 8 others i die on level 2, so there should be a preset amount of ships per level.

custom game settings would solve this, i would realy like a variable difficulty option more than anything.

like i said great engine and concept, but theres to much luck involved.