Reviews for "Azul Baronis"

"Press 'End' to self-destruct in a fighter."

Where is 'End'?

Kind of cute. Nice interactivity with the chat.. glad I have the choice of music of no music after it started. Fun times :-)

Well, I managed to get somewhat ahead in this. Okay, not at all, really. What I don't like are these space shooting games where you just keep on moving. I really need to just stop mentioning "RaidenX". The music was quite triumphant in this. The artwork was fairly good.

I'm glad I could get a better hang of it. I've never really had good luck with moving a ship around. I prefer for it to stay in the same place. The enemies were a bit generic too. Well, it did provide a challenge at least.

I am merciless with a destroyer

One problem, if you get a tedeston or too many destroyers, you are screwed. if your force was simply allways fighters, you'd be just about unstopable. when you get a destroyer or tedestun turtle thing, you get less fighters. i wish there was another version where you never get destroyers or turtles.