Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

Awesome, looking forward to it

I love the lighting effects in particular. This is looking to be pretty good upon the final release.

cant wait for the movie

I love the Lielsie Impresssion, remind me of Airplane and Naked Gun again. Cant wait for the movie. Also your graphics have improve greatly

very nice

that was a very nice teaser.... especially since it was based off of your Waterman series... very very nice. a full-length animation would be nothing short of awesome for NG, and i for one, strongly look forward to seeing it... as this teaser was awesome. glad to see this one win an award too.


Heres the thing, I have dreamt about a full length animated movie... And I am glad to see you guys are the ones doing it...on top of that, just when i think your sense of humour couldnt get better.. you get Leslie FREAKIN Nielsen !!!! AMAZING! How did you get him!? I am a huge fan of his, and to see you guys choose him, well it re-enforces my love for your animations. I can't wait to see it guys. Long live waterman and long live Leslie Nielsen !!!!

Leslie Nielson?

If that is really the actor from Naked Gun then freakin AWESOME

looking forward to this producton