Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"


Nothing more to say other than this is an EXCELLENT trailer!


What is there to say? GREAT animation! GREAT sound! GREAT sound quality! This was better than over half the shit on Newgrounds and it was just a trailer! So whats this movie buissness? Is is a DVD movie? Or something your doing online or what? I'll tell you this. If it is for DVD, I'll buy it! Great work!

P.S.- you taught me a new trick! If I don't want to animate lip synching, just put my characters hands over his mouth!!


Excellent graphism, truly realistic ressemblance to a REAL trailer, and great "anticipation points". BTW, It could have more than one part to it, to make the whole thing as long as a real movie. Who knows, if it's super successful over the net, maybe a publisher will give you a call and publish all your toons on a DVD or something. The sitcom you have created it legendary.

Good Flash

Very nice job of teasing the audience. I can't wait for the real thing. Keep up the good work!

2008 0_0

Well I guess you need a year to make a movie. I hope time goes by fast.
But anyway great graphics and love the humour. Looking forward to the movie.