Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

The Movie is on hiatus

Check out watermanstudios dot com, you'll see he said it's on haitus. So we'll have to wait until whenever bryan decides to finish it.


im sure this would have been good had it been made but its MID 2009 and No movie

Holy Shit

Leslie Neilson?? OMG- I am going to shit myself watching this film!!

Can't wait guys, CAN'T WAIT!!

ok, ?

the production site said the movie is only 40% done!? Seems a little awkward now that it's October of 2008 when you promised release in early '08. I respect your talent though. I'm sure that every second is being put into the movie and you're not distracted in any way. I love the Waterman series, and can't wait until I see Leslie working with you on the DVD. Take your time, but it's natural for us to expect the movie to get better each day it's not released. ^_^


BRING IT OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$