Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

It was alright

The graphics and sound were great, but the movie was just a trailer and lacked length.

I wasn't too fond of the style, but that's just my opinion and will leave it out of the overall score.

Violence is N/A, but I gave it a 1 for the situation.

It lacked even a "play" button, but I gave interactivity a 2 because it at least looped to compensate somewhat.

The single punchline seemed unoriginal and was "eh" funny.

Overall, I give this flash a 6. It's about average.


I can't wait for the real thing. I heard this is going to be on dvd and i'm buying it for sure.

omg, Leslie Nielson!

Thats freaking amazing! I remember watching the first episode, back in the day when series were young. You guys have grown so much *starts to cry* can't wait to see the movie! ROCK ON!

... how the hell did you manage to get Leslie???

Seriously how did you manage to reach him thru a flash series? How can it be that Leslie Nielsen just sparked an interest in participating in the Waterman Movie? Youre such a lucky bastard man! Oh and the teaser, really funny lol. I liked Leslies reaction at the end XD Nice animations and all. Great guys!


Wow, I was just thinking of Leslie Nielson the other day, that man is a comic genius. I can't believe you got him to be in this movie, he is amazing and the movie looks really funny. Honestly, I've never seen this Water Man series but, I'll be checking it out right now. it looks wonderful. Excellent trailer.