Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

I admit this wasn't much of a trailer. I mean, it just showed one scene. It's still awesome how you actually got the Leslie Nielsen to be in this movie. A pity he has since passed away. This cartoon is now over a decade old. I was wondering how they could hear him.

His mouth didn't seem to be moving. Well, it was under his hands. The animation seems nice. Was this ever fully completed? A pity Nielsen had so many bad movies in the last years of his life.

RIP Leslie Nielsen.

RIP Leslie, I love you, you brilliant man. 8'(

Leslie Nielsen

This will be pretty much the last film anything he has done in his life.....

you should somehow get this to Hollywood and have this film made in his memory

Coming 2008


"Coming 2008"

HAhaha, I'll give you five stars for false hopes in that the movie was going to come out two years ago.