Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

Made to Perfection!

Bryan, you are INGENIOUS!

I love your animations, so sleek and original, and yet, you are able to make an animation, without running out of ideas mid-through.

Keep it up, this movie is going to ROOOOOCKK.

-Kerpizzle (The Foamy Killer (Because if no one aint doing it, it aughta be me.))


Now I'm psyched for the movie. Keep us posted on its progress!


A well animated advert. Looks like it will be a good film. that's it.

I love Waterman cuz its awsome.

if there is really going to be a movie i will buy it the day it comes out on DVD, i cant believe that you can actually make a movie you guyss are awsome. 5 for you.

Pretty good.

Kinda boring after a while, but it was good. The voice acting was really good and kept me from falling asleep.