Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

Bring it on.

Looking forward to it. It seems that more and more flash artists endevoring in long projects. I'm impressed that you reigned in Leslie Neilsen. You better call him Shirly in the movie - that joke better be there! This is officially the most impressive celeb that's lent their voice to flash work...Randy Savage being in second place.


Looks interesting to say the least. Animation and graphics are nice though.

you screwed a screw

IT WAS GOOD i liked it BUT really make a movie of it and what the other survivors dont know is the free way is 2 yards away

very cool

Is it really going to be a movie?

Very nice but not much of a teaser.

Without a doubt of my mind i know that this upcoming Waterman movie of yours is gonna be a hit but you could have put a little more in the teaser then that couldn't ya? anyways i hope the real movie comes out soon. =)