Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

How did you do it, Waterman!

Leslie Freakin' Neilson,
I've seen all the Watermans, and think they are quite possibly the funniest series on NG. As can probably be expected, I can't really say much about this one, but that's to be expected, it being a trailer and all, but I can't wait for the real thing. I'm still blown away by the fact that you some how got Leslie Neilson to do some of you're voice-acting, are you related to him or something?


Man, how awesome to get Leslie Nielsen to do VA for you!

This was was short and funny and you have got your hands on a really funny guy with Nielsen, so I am basically positive it's going to be hilarious.

Good luck in making the movie!


Ive always loved this series, its given me many laughs. Good look with the movie Bryan and all the crew at Waterman Studios.

you have come a long way : )

I remember the first day waterman hit the newgrounds portal
and i knew after watching episode one that this show would be a success
but Leslie Nielsen?! thats great. i cant believe you got him to be in this movie. i am going to buy it the day it comes out.
cant wait to see your future work.


How the hell did you get Leslie Nielsen?

Lookin' forward to seein' the finished article.