Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

Looks to be excellent, but...

I'm looking forward to seeing this, though if Waterman says it's going to come out early next year, what he means to say is anytime next year. And possibly the year after that. How many times has he put a time down for an animation and suddenly it's months or even years late. I'm really very excited that Waterman Studios has become a bonafide studio able to hire big-name actors like Nielson, but it's inability to stick to the dates it sets forth takes away some of those credentials. Anyways, best of luck.

How in G-d's name?!

Leslie Nielsen?! Comic Legend Leslie Nielsen? How did you manage that? Well, I eagerly anticipate the release of this film. Like everything else you've produced thus far, it seems as if you've put a great deal of time and effort into this.

That trailer was AWESOME

I love the way u did the lighting around the campfire. Man u better make this movie or otherwise im not going to be a happy little boy. Also are u gonna release it on newgrounds or ur website?


nice work...I like it


good old humor. love the RBF at the end.. Give it to me is like the best song on cheer up. even though its a "hidden" track..