Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"


I can't wait to see the film.


Leslie Nielsen,the guy who plays as President Harris in Scary movie 3 & 4 and Scary Movie 5 coming out in 2008 is going to be in the Waterman movie!?! That is a big acheivment.You have done something in Flash History that others never attempted to do!
Tens all around.


how the hell did waterman cast leslie? i mean, this is just a flash that some bored 35 year old did. it is the funniest flash ive ever seen, but a full-length movie? howd u pull that off? p.s. can u make a flash version too?


It's nice to know Bryan's oging to take all the credit again, for Chris Boe's work.
Then again it's not even slightly impressive. I mean - anyone could make it, it's pretty much 99% tweens, and most things that arn't, look horrible, for example the fire at the beginning.
And how Leslie Nielsen was obliged to voice this is beyond me.


The thought of a Waterman film blows my mind. Also, that Mr. Nielsen blows my mind again.

Waterman continue to rock on!