Reviews for "The Waterman Movie Teaser"

the best things i have ever saw. 20 out of 10

I don't have flash but for my age I think im pretty good. Im basicly ubsesed with animation i learn as much as i can by watching other animations, but i have never seen anything like that! you would if possible have my 20 out of 10 easly can't wait for the movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh god.

I came alittle.

I shall buy it when it comes out.
Good luck.


2008???? Why 2008???!?!? I wanna waterman movie now!!!!!! T.T

cool trailer

Short sweet, has a joke to it so it doesnt waste our time. nice. I have to be honest though, im not accusing you or making any claims! But i get the sneaking suspicion that this could have been accomplished by taking quotes of lesley nielson from seperate movies and stringing them together. Its sounds very genuine so I cant say for certain! But I noticed that his dialogue sounded like a series of 'one liners', then at the end his voice sounds a little different like you needed someone to say "what!?". Either way its either an amazing sound editting job or you actualy got lesley nielson! Like I said Im not accusing, just saying...


Oh my fucking god! You got Leslie Nielson! Leslie fucking Nielson!

You'd better not let me down on this movie. I saw Airplane. I have high expectations for his comedies.