Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."


That BLAAAAAAAAAAH! noise the witch/old lady made had me laughing.


that chick was one ugly ho xD and funny how the kid squealed at the end :P


Graphics: 9

Nice job on the graphics, I really like the character designs due to their eerie sketchyness. Even something as simple as the beginning credits caught my attention.

Style: 10

Your style is very unique and if it was done in a different style than I'm sure the outcome would be very different.

Sound: 7

The voice acting was excellent although I found it a bit sketchy in some places. Although atleast you have voices.

Violence: 8

An old person killing children. Yeah thats violent.

Interactivity: 10

The play button worked.

Humor: 4

The voices sorta cracked me up. And the little boy screaming was also sorta funny. but humor wasn't the major part in this animation.

Overall: 9

And excellent animation. Sorta creepy yet it can still be a laughfest.
Very nice animation. Congrats on your daily 3rd Place.

- Rutz


i liked it. you need to clean up the animation, it was just a bit jerky. i like your art style. audio of the people wasnt the best i would look into that as well. all in all damn good. i gave you a 1 for humor cause that kids scream was too fucking funny.

Well that was freakin smart of him.

"You only have to knock on the door" So he goes and walks in the house and then ALL the way in front of the lady.

Hmm..it was pretty good. Good job. (That was a weak scream though..)