Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

maan dude that was kinda weird with the heads maan

i feel bad when important people die and it shows em decapitated it makes feel like crap

Nice one dude ;)

The only thing that i can point out on this submission is the voices, they'r could be better, but the rest is simly perfect for the style of movie... ;)

Uhhh the sound effects..

When the blood splaterd on the window did you make that sound with your mouth?

Pretty good

To many freeze-screens, sometimes to choppy. Also in a flash if you're telling a scary story don't make people do stuff they wouldn't doin real life. Like when he walks up to the old lady/guy. no one would do that.But I am wondering how the girl died? But overall it's pretty damn good.

The movie critics...

Wow, what a beautiful piece of work..

This movie was great. Great graphics,animation,and its even a little creepy! A+