Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

It was fine

I would have really liked it, but for one thing...The sound, it was terrible. I'm not saying that because it was all voiced by one person, thats cool with me, but it was really scratchy and low quality. 3/5

Great flash

This flash was well done and showed effort.

Graphics: 7
They were well done and didn't show any slacking off, but it lost points from my personal preference that goes against this drawing style

Style: 4
The boy is pressured by peers to knock on the door of a house where he is killed by an elderly person; this is a classical story and has been done before. Low style score for less originality

Sound: 4
Everyone and it seems some of the inanimate sounds were done by the same voice actor, but you gained points for clarity of voice.

Violence: 4
There wasn't any actual violence, only the hint of it, because a horror film will lose points by showing actual violence this is understood so you gained points in this area.

Interactivity: 2
It's a movie, not very interactive in nature, so you gain two points for having a play and a replay button but lose a point for your pre-loader which didn't work for me.

Humor: 1
I don't really know why but I saw something humorous about this, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was not actually supposed to go in, just knock.

Overall, well done film I will be checking the rest of your submissions for more of the kind.


I must admit, that is pretty scary.
I noticed the chins were sort of point way down.
Its pretty good, I'm actually scared
The voices were sorta creepy
Blood, decapitation, really old teeth(blueish skin?-lol)
A really hard to see play button
Does old creepy lady count?

One of the best things I've seen in a while

This was all types of great! Great look, short and ummm.... sweet? But in any case I'm going to nit pic, because I believe strongly that everything can be made better. 2 small things.
1. Change the loading color bar. The bar for loading blended in with the house so I couldn't tell it was loading till it was almost done. (Told you, nit pic.)
2. As soon as I heard a voice I thought Salad Fingers. Just reminded me of that. Not sure if you wanted to do that, but thought I should let you know.

Anyway nice work. One of the best I've seen! Keep it up!

Awesome Work!

Thats great, Graphics were awesome, Sound quality was good, i like the ending. but wow those graphics...not many on NG have done graphics quite like that...great job!