Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

Great flash

This flash was well done and showed effort.

Graphics: 7
They were well done and didn't show any slacking off, but it lost points from my personal preference that goes against this drawing style

Style: 4
The boy is pressured by peers to knock on the door of a house where he is killed by an elderly person; this is a classical story and has been done before. Low style score for less originality

Sound: 4
Everyone and it seems some of the inanimate sounds were done by the same voice actor, but you gained points for clarity of voice.

Violence: 4
There wasn't any actual violence, only the hint of it, because a horror film will lose points by showing actual violence this is understood so you gained points in this area.

Interactivity: 2
It's a movie, not very interactive in nature, so you gain two points for having a play and a replay button but lose a point for your pre-loader which didn't work for me.

Humor: 1
I don't really know why but I saw something humorous about this, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was not actually supposed to go in, just knock.

Overall, well done film I will be checking the rest of your submissions for more of the kind.

Pretty good

To many freeze-screens, sometimes to choppy. Also in a flash if you're telling a scary story don't make people do stuff they wouldn't doin real life. Like when he walks up to the old lady/guy. no one would do that.But I am wondering how the girl died? But overall it's pretty damn good.

The movie critics...

A plain decent flash

I swear I've seen that same interior (the hallway and stairs) in an old movie once,but can't quite remember it..
The movie though,was fine enough. The graphics were superb.
The rest wasn't.
So if you chip in good voice-acting and plot the next time,you'll have a sloberknocking winner,my man. =)


All he had to do was knock. Just knock! A simple "knock and go" situation. But noooo. Hes gotta go get all curios and go inside. Friggin kids these days.
Animation was pretty good but the vioces could use work.

End of line.


it was good