Reviews for "Grid Shift"

Very original concept. Fun guaranteed.

The concept of that game is very unique, I've never seen any game that slightly ressembles this one. However using original ideas is not always enough, but this game is not only original but also very addicting, it makes the brain work too.

Great work, me loved it.


ahh the classics

i really enjoyed this game, even though its an old game, that ive played before, adding in the warp tiles made it a lot more fun, and challenging

Pretty cool.

Something you might see on that Brain Age game. Nice job.

good game except the music

a very good puzzle game but the music kinda got annoying after a while. but otherwise, good puzzle game.

Dont hate

Hey i thought this game was real neat the music was really funcky so i like dat and i just thought it was a fun little game you can play to kill time. so people stop hating its not like u took any time to mak it people work hard on these so give them a bit of respect aye?