Reviews for "Grid Shift"


I played this game for.. well, a long time, it is entertaining and a well thought out mind game... takes skill that i didnt know that i had! :D loved it, keep it up!

I only played the survival

It seemed like a great concept a simple puzzle game but it's good and really seems to be fast paced making it seem more exciting, this helped greatly by the music, I enjoyed playing. The fact you focused more on the actual game than trying to make flashy graphics that would distract from the game was a bonus as well great game great submission.

Brain Age & Big Brain Academy rulz!!!

I love both games and this game is a great example. Eveyone in the US should go out and pick up a copy of Brain Age. It's friggen sick!

Keep this awsome work up!


74.78 but im tired ;[

your my fav

i like playing your games alot from simv24,to stick arena.and this is a verry cool game.this game was verry challenging and confusing.good job