Reviews for "Grid Shift"

very good mind game

very good game, liked it very much and very fun for a mind game

it's ok

This is a well made game but it gets very boring

I hate to be harsh (not like you actually care) but i think the only reason this is on the frot page is because of who made it.

I agree with runescapeop

I really like this game, it's strangely addictive, and the music doesn't annoy the shit out of me. However, I think adding more obstacles would liven it up a bit.

You get a 0 for violence because, well, it's a ball. not one of those violent balls either, a normal ball.

Very well done

Great animation and choice of music, and nice game, but it need more than just teleport tiles, like bricks, crates, bombs, and buttons. Also, it would be cool if you put a space backgorund

gets very boring after 10 minutes

good idea for a game, just gets boring after a bit