Reviews for "Grid Shift"

something new =D

I never played the orginal mini game, so this is new to me, and I like it. Nice to see something different. 0 for sound because volume is off

Entertaining Game

I liked it a lot!!!

very addictive,
although, could use a change in music, like ... instead of playing the same song over and over, change the tunes a bit, overall i liked it!!

nice game

kickass music man, i gave you a 4 in humor cuz it was funny as hell watchin some of my friends attempt to play then get mad and storm off XD


First puzzle game I've ever played without an enormus learning curve, gliches, annoying music, or overcomplicated rules...
I also didn't suck at it...
Like I said: Awesome

nice game makes u think!

Really great game and its smart that u made it so that it the ball was at the top left it could move up and left and not go to the other side of the board (though that should have been another mode)