Reviews for "Grid Shift"


hey, great idea. The graphics were simple but appropriate and the concept was really cool. Thanks for using my song and great work on the game.

nice game

kickass music man, i gave you a 4 in humor cuz it was funny as hell watchin some of my friends attempt to play then get mad and storm off XD


First puzzle game I've ever played without an enormus learning curve, gliches, annoying music, or overcomplicated rules...
I also didn't suck at it...
Like I said: Awesome


Omg, i was almost late for work cause i just couldn't stop playin this! Very original and well put together. Simple, yet interesting. I love it. Infact, i can't think of a game by Armor Games that i haven't liked. Keep up the AMAZING work.


everything is awsum! Hard on the warps though