Reviews for "Grid Shift"

ahh the classics

i really enjoyed this game, even though its an old game, that ive played before, adding in the warp tiles made it a lot more fun, and challenging

send this to Nintendo!!!

this game is PERFECT for the Nintendo DS portable! dude! u can make some good money on this sucker! its addicting and fun! the graphics are very lame though. i can design the logo and crap for you, im serious! or u can get someone else, but seriously this is a PORTABLE GAME! go for it! contact me :)


Afro-Ninja responds:

I based it off of an already existing portable game for the DS, big brain academy :)

pretty good

it was amazing but i could never get the hang of survival


This is a pretty cool game. It exercises my brain cells! :-D

Haven't seen somethin like this before.

like that last guy said it DID get repetitive, however, it was actually a good game with a pretty basic way to play. i thought it was a pretty good game but maybe a little more work on it...i got up to 28 levels before i got bored and sort of got high and wandered off some day...great job on it but it almost cut the mustard...i here st my house give this game 8 winning levels! out of 10.