Reviews for "Grid Shift"

something new =D

I never played the orginal mini game, so this is new to me, and I like it. Nice to see something different. 0 for sound because volume is off

Pretty Cool

Pretty cool and original game.

i loved it

when i read the title i was expecting ssomething different. but when i played it it was great. i heard that ssong again was it Guitar vs Piano?? cuz there was another game on a diff website that had it too

This games is awesome!

You've really outdone yourself. I had a blast playing this game. I couldn't find any glitches, and I loved the audio and graphics. If you make another version of this game you might want to consider adding ratings for how well ther person does. Keep up the good work!

You Dumbass Chives

are u blind or somethin chives couldnt u see it lol great game had me goin there :D