Reviews for "Grid Shift"

lol i only completed 7 stages lol

that was sooo fun and addictive i wanna play again lol even though im not really good at these kind of games lol


I solved the puzzles at an average of 1 second each! great fun!

Well done!

Awsome job! A fun, and addicting game that works the mind. It sounds like the origional idea isn't yours, but you ported it to flash very well!

Also, I love that music! Does it have name?

Afro-Ninja responds:

"Guitar vs Piano" by Goukisan. Click the audio link right under my name

very good mind game

very good game, liked it very much and very fun for a mind game


Another nice and simple puzzle game from the ninja of afros! Good graphics, simple gameplay, great concept. Keep it going!