Reviews for "Grid Shift"

i hate this game

i hate this game it it to boring and to crappy i gave u a 3 for the thing:@



this has,

no purpose of play.

no fun.

nothing groundbreaking.

try agian but dont submit till its overthetop flash or has more things to do. this is seriously just fucking boring

Afro-Ninja responds:

Wow, sorry. How dare I submit something that doesn't meet your definition of 'over the top'


aaahhh where is the "mute sound button *pushed the close window button as soon as i figured out there wasnt any* (ps, for the scores above i just klicked something, dont mind those)

Afro-Ninja responds:

Try looking in the options menu...you know, that place where people go to look for gameplay options, much like the option to turn off the sound. And hopefully you didn't randomly "klick" my score to be a 1, cause that's super awesome helpful as well. =D