Reviews for "Grid Shift"

This game makes me feel dumb

its really fun though

Haven't seen somethin like this before.

like that last guy said it DID get repetitive, however, it was actually a good game with a pretty basic way to play. i thought it was a pretty good game but maybe a little more work on it...i got up to 28 levels before i got bored and sort of got high and wandered off some day...great job on it but it almost cut the mustard...i here st my house give this game 8 winning levels! out of 10.

Pretty Fun

Simple yet addictive, I liked it. Very original too. Kudos.

Great concept

I enjoyed it, but you didn't even finish the song you cut off at the piano part and that was the best part.

seen this one before but's fun

they have this on brain academy. except it's a dog and bone.