Reviews for "Mutants II"

It is a ten, but

Good enough game with high quality terrain graphics. (in the overhead genra of course) The only thing that didn't really strike me as good are the controls. It's probably just me, which is why I didn't take off for it, but it seemed very difficult to control your character with the keys and your gun with the mouse. If there is a way to change that, I'd be most appreciative, but it's still a really great game.


its a good game the only problem is that the monsters r kinda hard and they can kill really quick other than that good game

nice game, but i found a bug

if you wander off screen, but it's not part of the route to take, sometimes you cant get back on screen. played this a few times and has happened twice allready

still a v-good game though

Great game you have to work on those graphics

Great game , but you have to work on those graphics cos i just know you could do better.!!!

this was great

Other then the graphics this was a great game good story easy controls. Here is the pass for all wepons at the begining tringle square star O there you go. Keep up the good work