Reviews for "Mutants II"

one of your best in my eyes

This game owns first of all the movement to have easy/better gameplay you should of used w,a,s,d -Dont take that the wrong way- have the arrow keys was nice but u have all ur weaps 1-5 on one side and then u had ur items 9/0 like bang in the middle and then u have ur movement and aim on the right so in a way u feel short of space thou i completed it and it owned. the style and graphics was amazing along with Sound and violence which was good... i put 5 on humor because of those Freak things in the lab when u shoot them they blow up the way of saving was good and the bosses was also good keep up the good work and hope there is a part two of this where u have to fight them ... well complete it first people :p -Longest review i ever wrote-

9/10 The-yoshi8532 aka Conker8532

One glaring flaw

The control scheme simply kills the game. All over the place and not organized at all. Not even the pause button is located anywhere near the movement keys to easily switch items. Switch to custom or WASD control and this is a winner. Q and E for item scrolling, F for pause would work excellently.

awesome potential, but syriussavant is right...

some minor touch ups like wasd option for controls and this would be a fun game. my only other concern was hit detection, as for some creatures I was unsure if bullets were the way.

Otherwise, very cool!

Okay could use inprovements.

Its ok i guess i wish the movement controls where W.S.A.D instead of the arrow keys because its easer that way.

Needs a few tweaks.

Okay, a few minor details-

Start your game off at high quality. Many would gloss it over as a low graphics game.

WASD is a better control scheme than the arrows.

Your bullets should travel along a path. Your cursor shouldn't have to be ON an enemy to hit it, just aimed in its direction.