Reviews for "Mutants II"

how far you've come along...

yeah, you've come a long way in making the world a more dificult place for people with slow computers, lol

see below

its not bad, but i didn't die one time, i think it was easy, but i was disapointed by the end when you kill the boss, but overall good

not bad

i liked it i just had problems with the controls. id rather use the wasd form on a mouse and move game rather then arrow keys. or at least have the ability to change the controls.


that game is AWSOME. i must say some parts are hard and i did die many times. Very good work. oh but two things. MAKE ANOTER ONE SOON. and in the next one put in a rocket launcher :P

good effort

but what the fuck do all the 'equipted' items do? there is no explanation of what they do, how am i supposed to use them :P

apart from that the game's OK, but due to the fact that i had no idea how to use anything, i wasn't bothered to play it through to the end

shame really