Reviews for "Mutants II"


Cool game.

ANd yeah, the controlls were SOOOOO horrible. My god, my left hand, slightly closer to my right hand! THE ANARCHY!!!! AAHHH!!

*cough* That was sarcams. Suprise!

The controls were HORRIBLE, good game though.

Omg dude, use the arrow keys to move and the mouse at the same time??? Use w,a,s,d to move and mouse to aim next time. In order to play this game you have to like bend your arm to the right and scrunch your back over.

Good game

Good game, the aiming system could be improved a bit though.

Just plain gay

the quality was undoubtedly good yes. But the plot was very very weak and the aiming system was very flawed. You have to line the pointer up exactly with the creature otherwise it does no damage whatsoever. Also it was kind of annoying having to switch between arrow keys and mouse, considering i use a laptop. You should have an alternate controls feature added to this allowing the user to switch the controls to what feels natural for them. Thats why you get this score. I vote 3.

dude this is awsome

nice work but man those flies are enoying lol
but it's nice